Alfalfa, Alkanet, Allspice

Alfalfa medicago sativa
venus, earth, female
Folk Names: Buffalo herb, Chilean Clover, Father of All Foods, Lucerne, Purple Medic
Magical Properties: Prosperity, Luck, Health, Protection, Courage
Lore: Alfalfa, who’s name means ‘Best of foods’ lends itself to prosperity magics of all kinds and when grown in the home is said to allay poverty and hunger. Benefits workings related to luck and success and works well with other herbs. Employed for protection against illness and worn as an amulet to bring courage.

Alkanet alkanna tinctoria
venus, water, female
Folk Names: Ochanet, Spanish Bugloss, Enchusa
Magical Properties: Power over Snakes, Purification, Prosperity
Lore: Traditionally used to treat snakebite and likewise dispel fear of snakes. The herb is known for it purifing scent when burnt and is used to dismiss evil spirits and cleanse an area.

Allspice pimenta officinalis
mars, fire, male
Folk Names: Pimiento, Jamaica Pepper, Eddo, Madere, Basheen, Kouroubaga
Magical Properties: Prosperity, Health
Lore:This success herb, increases luck and prosperity, having a strong spirit and inspiring determiniation it may also be worn as an amulet to speed healing. It is traditionally used by Mayans to embalm dead leaders.

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